About me

I am Nuska. Since my early years I came in contact with art. To me, the most interesting thing is to change my personal view, create new ideas and discover creative ways. In my opinion, such working methods are mostly applied in the world of couture-fashion.

I achieved my theoretical and practical know-how during my studies at the Academy for Fashion & Design – Fahmoda in Hannover, where I graduated as Fashion Designer, Female Clothing Tailor and Cut Direktrice. By participating in various Fashion-Shows and Competitions I was able to present my work to a broad audience

My creations are mainly influenced by personal experiences: On the one hand I am affected by the individual, dynamic creativity. On the other hand I am inspired by current events, since I see fashion as a reflection of its environment, which adapts to changing situations.

With my online-platform I am offering you to get exclusive and tailor-made couture-fashion in coordination with your own ideas. I am looking forward to your message.